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The Story 
From The Bodega

Legend has it that more than a century ago at the foot of Cerro Maravillas lived one of the first witches to inhabit our island. It was never known what the precise place was, but it is not until now that, thanks to a usual spell performed by one of her descendants, it leads her to reveal the exact place.


The Bodga is a magical, enchanting place, full of life, between crystal clear waters and green mountains, where shades of green intertwine, to give a home to an immense infinite variety of birds that delight your ears with their peculiar sounds. It is there where a huge pot mixes the best and purest ingredients from the patio, sprinkled with hints of love and tenderness, resulting in a potion that enchants everyone who uses it.

Exotic Drinks

Try our delicious creations made at La Bodega De La Brujas

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